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TeethXpress™: Fast smile transformation in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN

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Do you dip your head to laugh or hide your smile behind a hand? Do you no longer enjoy favorite foods because of missing or deteriorated teeth? Are you fed up with dentures that wobble, slip, or rub sore spots? TeethXpress™ can be an ideal solution for the individual who wants a smile transformation, without the toothless healing period associated with conventional dentures. The surgeons at Stevenson, Fairchild & Surber OMS are pleased to bring this option to patients in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN.

TeethXpress™ Basics

Dental implants are small cylinders of biocompatible material. An implant is placed into the jawbone where a tooth has been lost, replicating the function of the root. Often, a single implant is finished with a dental crown. The TeethXpress™ system, however, uses specially-design implants to support a denture, with an amazing level of stability. As few as four implants form the foundation for the entire arch of teeth, restoring oral function and facial appearance. With this technique, extractions, implant placement, and “loading” are completed in one day.

What to expect with TeethXpress™ in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN

This revolutionary concept requires careful planning, and collaboration between our oral surgeons and your general dentist. While the process is personalized to the patient’s unique situation, it generally involves these steps:

  • Impressions are taken and the denture is fabricated prior to surgery.
  • Implant placement is meticulously planned based on digital x-rays and CAT scan imaging in conjunction with virtual reality software.
  • If extractions are necessary, they are performed in one of our fully-equipped surgical suites, with a variety of anesthesia options available.
  • Implants are placed using a precise, computer-guided strategy.
  • The denture is anchored to the implants.
  • You leave the office with a new smile and may return to normal activities the next day!
  • The prosthetic protects the mouth as it heals.
  • If necessary, the denture is removed and relined to adjust fit, after healing is complete.

Patients love the idea of not having to go a day without teeth. They also enjoy the convenience of fewer appointments and less chair time as well as reduced postoperative discomfort, swelling, and bruising.

Are you a candidate for TeethXpress™? Call (219) 307-4382 to schedule an appointment at Stevenson, Fairchild & Surber OMS to find out.

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