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Surgical Instructions

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Surgical instructions help Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN patients recover uneventfully

No surgery is minor when YOU are the patient. The compassionate team at Stevenson, Fairchild & Surber OMS understands. We find that information and guidance in advance helps most people feel more comfortable with the procedure. Here are basic post-surgical instructions from our offices in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN.

After your procedure

While our surgeons handle a wide range of oral and maxillofacial surgeries, extractions are common. Formation of a clot is vital to halt bleeding and let the socket begin to heal. Bite gently on a sterile gauze pad or fresh tea bag for about 45 minutes following your procedure. Repeat if light bleeding or oozing continues. If bleeding is substantial after the second round, please call our office. Be sure to keep the head elevated as you relax or sleep.

Do not disturb the clot! Preserve it by avoiding:

  • Brisk exercise for the first 24 hours
  • Vigorous rinsing
  • Brushing the extraction site (wait 72 hours). You brush and floss the rest of the mouth normally the day after your procedure.
  • Drinking from a straw
  • Hot liquids
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol

It is normal to have some discomfort and swelling. Place an ice pack (an unopened bag of frozen peas or corn works nicely, too) on that area of the face – on for 20 minutes then off for a half hour. Repeat as needed through the first 48 hours.

The surgeon may prescribe pain medication or recommend an over-the-counter analgesic. Please take it as instructed. You will likely be given antibiotics, as well, to reduce risk of infection. Take the entire prescription according to instructions, even though this may extend beyond the obvious healing period.

Plan on a soft diet for a day or two, and drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids. Return to normal eating when your mouth and body tell you to – usually within a week.

Dr. Howard Stevenson, Dr. Stephen Fairchild, and Dr. Timothy Surber, the oral and maxillofacial specialists in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN, share surgical instructions to help know what to expect and how to get recovery underway promptly. Thorough in-office instructions specific to your procedure is part of the continuum of care you receive here. Call (219) 307-4382 to become a patient.

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