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The doctors Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN patients trust for sinus lift surgery

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Dental implantation has an excellent success rate, but knowledgeable evaluation and careful planning are essential. The team at Stevenson, Fairchild & Surber OMS in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN is highly-qualified to handle all phases of even very complex dental implant cases. This may include sinus lift and other specialized techniques.

What is sinus augmentation?

Sinuses are cavities in the skull; a vital part of the respiratory tract. Maxillary sinuses are the largest, measuring about an inch across. They are located in the cheek area on either side of the nose, just above the upper jaw. These hollow spaces are separated from tooth roots only by a thin layer of bone and a fibrous membrane.

Safely placing dental implants into this area can be a challenge. In the past, if the wall of bone was deteriorated, dental implants were not an option – there was simply not enough support and risk of complications from penetrating the sinus cavity was too great. 

Expertise you can trust

Our doctors are proficient in a sinus lift technique that helps to ensure long-term success of maxillary dental implants by improving quality and quantity of bone in the upper arch. Sinus lift bone graft surgery involves raising the sinus membrane, supplementing bone that supports it, and encouraging growth of new bone on the sinus floor.

Sinus augmentation with bone from a donor site in your own body, or with biological or synthetic grafting material, can be performed when teeth are extracted or several months prior to placing implants. In some cases, sinus lift and implant placement can be performed in a single procedure. Inclusion of PRP, platelet rich plasma derived from a small specimen of your blood, boosts the healing process with a wealth of natural growth factors.

With local numbing and several sedation options, there is minimal sinus pain or mouth discomfort from the procedure. If you have dental insurance, it may cover a portion of sinus lift cost. Our administrative team will be happy to talk with you about financing options for out-of-pocket expenses. 

When patients in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN need sinus lift

Sinus lift may be recommended for the person who:

  • Is missing multiple teeth at the back of the upper arch
  • Has congenitally-missing teeth due to developmental abnormality
  • Has thin or soft bone at the back of the jaw
  • Has been missing maxillary teeth for a long time

Explore the many benefits of dental implant tooth replacement. Call Stevenson, Fairchild & Surber OMS at (219) 307-4382 to schedule a consultation.

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