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Jaw surgery: Lasting correction for patients in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN

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If you have experienced problems with oral function or you don’t like your lower face profile, it might be due to your jaws. Orthognathic or jaw surgery could be the answer. Find out with an evaluation by the experts at Stevenson, Fairchild & Surber OMS, with offices in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN.

What causes jaw issues?

A whole host of oral, health, and appearance problems can arise when the upper and lower jaws don’t come together properly, or when there isn’t enough room in the arch for teeth.

As the purpose of the mouth changes from nursing to chewing, communicating, and adult respiration, the lower jaw expands slowly. Because the upper jaw is part of the skull’s more solid structure, it may grow at a different rate. Other factors that contribute to faulty jaw development or positioning include genetics, bruxism, improper orthodontics, and facial trauma.

Braces treat bite problems related to teeth, but do not address issues with jaw size or position.

Jaw surgery in Valparaiso & Merrillville, IN corrects many oral problems

  • Breathing disorders
  • Chronic jaw pain
  • Difficulty biting, chewing, or swallowing
  • Headaches
  • Open bite (front upper and lower teeth remain apart when jaws are closed)
  • Protruding jaw
  • Recessed jaw
  • Speech problems

You are in good hands

Our surgeons begin with a thorough examination and consultation to understand your symptoms. Pre-treatment includes digital x-rays and CAT scan imaging. We use computer-aided 3D models to show you the surgical approach, and how your appearance will likely change after surgery. Our team works closely with your general dentist and orthodontist throughout planning, surgery, and post-procedure follow-up to ensure integrated care.

Jaw surgery is a serious consideration, and we take plenty of time to help you understand the process, potential risks, and benefits. Surgery is performed at one of the hospitals with which Stevenson, Fairchild & Surber OMS is affiliated with. While each case is unique, you can expect at least one night’s hospital stay, and a few weeks off work or school. Most patients return to normal diet in about two months, with weekly recheck appointments. Full recovery typically takes up to a year.

Are you ready to find out if jaw surgery can improve your oral function, overall health, and appearance? Call (219) 307-4382 to schedule a consultation.

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Had a great experience for a major surgery. Everybody was helpful and full of knowledge. Loved that everybody was working together. Lisa J.
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